Thursday, 16 February 2017

Applying for a Promotion

I know that it has been awhile, but I am happy to report that my job is going very well.  In fact, I am thinking of applying for the new supervisor position for a specialist in Water Damage Restoration Burbank.  It will mean that I will have to move if I get the job, but I would be okay with that.  Thankfully I am young enough that I can just pick up and move – I have nothing that ties me down at this stage of my life.


Much of the skills that I have learned here will apply to the new job, and I really think that I could make a career of it.  I haven’t told my parents yet as they hope that I finish college, but I think that I might just take a break from that part of my life and go out and work instead.  That way I can save up some money for a house or maybe even a rental property – who knows.

I might even start my own business someday.

But in the meantime, I would love to get paid to do something I love – so I am hoping that I get the promotion.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Quick Trip to Los Angeles

My parents live on a fixed income in Los Angeles and they have been working on renovating their one rental property.  It is a small house that has more than paid for itself over the years, but since my parents are getting older, they need help from time to time with the upkeep of the property.  I don’t mind as they are just a road trip away, so I will be heading up there this weekend to help them out.

It is the least I can do for the people that raised me.

I know that my father has plans for us to look at Windows in Los Angeles so that we can finally replace the old and worn out windows that came with the house.  I know that he hopes that the increase in energy efficiency will make the rental property more attractive to potential tenants and should be well worth the investment.

There are a few other things that we will be working on while I am out there, but the trip will be over before I know it.  With my Monday trip looming on the horizon, there won’t be a lot of time to stick around and visit – this weekend will be all about efficiency and getting the work done as quickly as possible.

Taking a Working Holiday

A new year brings a new opportunity to look at life from a different light.  You see, I have been dreaming of going to Malibu for years, but I have never had the money to make it happen.  About six months ago after the death of a close uncle, I decided that there was no time like the present to live life.  I didn’t want to live a life of regret, so I needed to figure out how to make my trip a possibility.

I just didn’t know how to make it happen at the time.

But I talked to as many people as I could to try and get the help of those around me to come up with a solution.  Most people didn’t have a clue as to how I could make it work, but after talking to a buddy that I went to college with, he suggested that I make a working holiday of it.  That way I could make money while living in the place I wanted to go and have the best of both worlds.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of that as a possible solution.

So, that is what I did.

After a bit of searching, I was able to find a job working in Mold Remediation malibu and I start Monday.  I am finally going to be able to live my dream of going to Malibu, and the best part will be that I won’t just be visiting – I will be living there too.

Do you know what it feels like when a dream of yours comes true?  It sure feels really good.  I’m excited to start the next step of my journey in just a few days.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Looking for Good Help

I don’t know if this is the right place to post a wanted ad, but I thought that one of you out there reading this blog might be looking for work.  I know that there have been times when I just haven’t been able to find a job at all, and it would have been nice if one of my friends or people I knew online would have been able to help me out.  I’m sure that at any given time, there are those of you out there that are looking for workers, and our relationship online could be leveraged in such a way that people in your circles and my circles could work together to make life better for everyone.

At least, that is my dream.

I know that my old roommate Jane found her job as a nail technician and esthetician through word of mouth online – specifically through Twitter.

So, let’s give it a shot.

My uncle Steve is looking for someone that is willing to work for his landscaping company.  I know that it isn’t the time of year that these businesses are looking for new staff, but he is looking to hit the ground running come spring.  If you think that you might be a good fit, contact me on here and I’ll pass your contact information on to him.  By working together I hope that we can help change lives one job at a time.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Basic Things To Remember When It Comes To Self Help

One of the most important things you need to determine in your quest for bettering yourself, is your perception. There are numerous ways you can alter, improve and change your perception of yourself that will in turn, aid you in all of the other changes you wish to make with yourself and in your life. This article incorporates advice on things you can do to bring you a step closer to where you would like to be.

Be sure to take a deep breath when you are feeling stressed out, panicked or worried. Just take a deep breath inhale for four counts and exhale for eight counts. Doing this will help you to consciously take charge of your feelings and enable you to be still, just for a moment. That can give you the strength to regroup and re-attack the problem.

A great self help tip that can help you turn your life around is to start communicating with people that you trust and people that support you. Having people around that can listen to you and be there for you can be a great tool in climbing out of a depression.

Identify bad values in your life. Systemic and institutional bias can lead us to internalize faulty things, so it's best to address any flaws in your belief system on your path to personal development. The better you understand the basis of your beliefs, the better you will feel about adhering to it.

Try to avoid potential triggers. Many people have specific things that trigger their poor moods or episodes. To avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, try to avoid the trigger. Stay out of situations that might upset you. Try to resist visiting websites or forums that might contain content that could upset you.

Loneliness is something that many people battle on a daily basis. One easy tip to help conquer that feeling of loneliness is to learn to enjoy your own company. Learn how to be self sufficient which boosts self esteem which will then rid you of that constant fear of loneliness.

A good way to achieve personal development is to practice selflessness. As you sacrifice the things that are important to you by helping others, you will begin to notice your true self. Caring and helping others makes you understand your true self and the more you sacrifice, the more you will realize yourself.

Schedule time for your personal development to make sure it does not get lost in the chaos of daily activities. Developing yourself takes effort and commitment and deliberately scheduling time for development activities gives them the importance they deserve. Whether you schedule short blocks or longer ones, the key is to make your personal development a documented priority.

Try consuming less alcohol in your diet. Alcohol can keep you from sleeping deeply and can really impair your thinking. It can also make you more tired during the day if you had a drink the night before. Try to avoid alcohol consumption before bed, and if you must drink, do it during the day, but at a moderate level.

Fall in love, if not romantically then through changing your entire perspective and state of mind on life and its joys. Love is a natural high that releases endorphins and allows your mind and body to rise against obstacles. You will find that you can affect other people with your love, inspiring them to seek out joys in their own lives.

Do not settle for living in fear from day to day. Discover your fears, then look for ways to directly address the underlying causes of your apprehension. Choose only to contest those fears that are holding you back or have no rational grounds. Facing one's fears head-on can release an enormous burden from your shoulders.

Make small gradual changes in your behavior. Quitting bad habits cold turkey works in some instances but in other situations smaller and more gradual changes more effectively achieve long-lasting change. Walking one block every day is better than running a half mile one time and giving up because it is too hard.

If you suffer from anxiety and constant worrying, consider allocating a small portion of every day in which you can mull over your problems and concerns. Make a conscious effort to relegate anxieties and worrisome thoughts to this limited space, whether it is after work or during your daily trip to the gym. You will not be avoiding your problems, but you will be setting them aside so that they do not compromise your productivity and mental focus.

Technology and the internet have made it easier than ever to transmit anger and resentment in no time at all. Unfortunately, this trend has made it more difficult than ever to practice self-censure. Communicating your anger through e-mail, social networking sites, text message, or blog should be avoided at all costs. If you feel compelled to discuss the offending event, do so only in person or over the phone. Make this a habit.

Compare your progress only against yourself and not against others around you. You are trying to become the best you can be and not the best in the world. Remember, you will never be the best at anything as there will always be someone just a bit better. Focus on your own progress!

Do one thing to improve yourself everyday. Little improvements add up and define the person that you are. Meeting daily self-improvement goals will not only make you better at the things that you do, it will also improve your mood and your confidence. Try to be a little better each day than you were the day before.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, being able to positively improve and change your perception of yourself enables you to identify and build upon other areas on your life that you wish to develop further. Apply diligently the tips and advice outlined in the article for success in bettering your perception of yourself.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Shopping with my Girlfriend

There comes a time in any relationship where things start to get serious.  Now, I’m not talking about the birds and the bees, marriage or kids.

Nothing that extreme.

What I am talking about is when you start doing things together that couples would do.  This is a step forward from having coffee and going to movies and these situations provide opportunities for you to talk and really develop your relationship.  Personally, I’ve done this with about five women over the last few years and these moments really give you insight as to whether or not you will be moving forward with the person that you are with.

For example, Jennifer and I were out shopping this weekend and she was looking at kitchen aprons for her grandmother.  I learned that she came from a long line of bakers and that her grandmother made the best cinnamon buns.  She shared that she had the recipe and that she would make some for me at some point in the near future (we were on date five after all – no rush).  I appreciated that she valued tradition, loved baking (just like I did) and I would say that today we really hit it off.

We have a lot more in common than I would have thought – I’m looking forward to date number six this weekend.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Working on a Mold Remediation Project

Last weekend I found something disturbing in my house: black mold.   I had never noticed it before, but after the high humidity and moisture that we had this year, it really should have come as no surprise.  It was in a corner of the basement that I never looked at, so I am sure that it went unnoticed for months.

But now that I have found it, I need to do something about it.  Thankfully I have some experience with mold remediation thanks to a summer job that I had years ago.  I am no expert by any means, but I know how to handle it, so I am going to try to deal with it on my own.

It will be my weekend project.

Before I get started, I am heading down to the local hardware store to get the necessary supplies to get the job done.  I am keenly aware that I need gear that ensures that I don’t breathe in any mold spores as well as some kind of solution to seal the mold into the drywall.  I’m sure that I am forgetting something, so I am hoping that the employees down at the store will be some help.

Hopefully I will be able to clean up the mold over the course of the weekend.  I’ll feel a lot better when it is done.