Friday, 13 September 2013

Trying out Blogging

Well just about all of my friends have been blogging, I've been sitting on the bench. It isn't that I couldn't blog I wanted to but rather the fact that I don't really have much to say. Being in college has really kept me busy and up until recently I really haven't had any free time.

But things change have finally decided to step out of my shell and speak my mind.

I realize that what I post on here won't make everybody happy and may encourage discussion which is something I really look forward to. There's no point in writing online if no one's going to read it, but I do realize that people just won't show up your overnight so I need to have some kind of reasonable expectations.

If you have managed to show up here, thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you back in I really look forward to sharing my thoughts and life with all of you.


  1. ... your comment in the first place treated as spam, and only after careful reading I found that writing is a person and not a robot (joke). Well I can help, if you are writing comments do not sign their Anonima, use the profile blog. With blogging systems available that most appealed to me. A lot of comment in others, only we do not as anonymous ... :))

    1. PS. Disable this funny graphic confirmation, it's just difficult and deters commenters ...

  2. Yo de ingles no sé nada,pero con el traducctor,algo me podré entenderte,pero necesitare alguna herramienta para seguirte

  3. I wish you luck and success in promoting your blog! )))

  4. Complimenti per il tuo blog!!
    A presto ..
    buona giornata.

  5. Я плохо говорю по английски,поэтому использую переводчик.Спасибо за комментарий.мне очень приятно))Скоро будут новые игрушки))

  6. Удачи в блоговедении! Отключите капчу в разделе "настройки", оставлять комментарии не удобно.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog :) I wish you good luck in writing your blog! :)
    But next time don't write as an anonym ;)

  8. Welcome!!!!
    Thank you for visiting my blog
    Good luck! :)

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    Could you explain it better? And so we can fix it.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog :) How did you find me???I wish you good luck in writing your blog! :) Next time don't write as an anonym ;)
    All the best!!!

  11. Good luck with this project :)

    Greeteings from Poland

  12. I will be visiting your blog, so come on, write a new post !
    Good Luck ! :)

  13. Dziękuję za miłe słowa i życzę powodzenia!!!

  14. Have a nice day and a nice blog! I wish you to be a successful blogger!

  15. ¡Hello, Elroy!!!

    Enchanted visit you, I do not understand your language, but it is not so necessary.Just to thank you for your visit to my space, I see that you start this journey of blogs and have comments, sure that you will be fine. This works like this... I have visited you and you return the visit, so will be getting many visitors. It is also good and looks good, put some beautiful image.If I can help you in something communicate it to me.I leave a kiss and my appreciation. Is very happy.


    ¡Hola, Elroy!!!

    Encantada de visitarte, no entiendo tu idioma, pero no es tan necesario.
    Sólo darte las gracias por tu visita a mi espacio, veo que comienzas esta andadura de los blogs y ya tienes comentarios, segura que te irá bien.
    Esto funciona así... Yo te visito y tú devuelves la visita, así irás consiguiendo muchos visitantes. También es bueno y queda muy bien, poner alguna imagen hermosa.

    Bien si puedo ayudarte en algo me lo comunicas.
    Te dejo un beso y mi estima. Se muy feliz.

  16. Hey Elroy,
    Thanks for visiting, good luck in blogging.
    I'll see you yet :)

  17. 13th is a very good date to start! :) Cross my finger for you! :)

  18. Hey Elroy! Thanks for visiting my blogg. It was nice to hear that you liked my photos. Have a nice day!

  19. Благодарю за визит в мои блог. Вам удачи..

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  23. Yo no sé inglés, pero lo he llevado al traductor de google y de algo me enterado. Si quieres expresar tus pensamientos, adelante y que tengas mucha suerte.
    Gracias por visitar mi blog.

  24. Good Luck. I hope to read more of your blog post soon. I am a follower of your blog through Google Plus. It's a pleasure.
    A greeting.

  25. Obrigado mas terei que voltar aqui outro dia.

  26. Thank you so much for visiting my blog: )

  27. ¡Hello, Elroy!!!

    Again I greet you and wish you a happy week: thank you for your visit to my blog. Your presence is a pleasure for me.I leave a kiss and my appreciation. Happy week.Be when you leave us a new entry.

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    ¡Hola, Elroy!!!

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    Te dejo un beso y mi estima.
    Feliz semana.

    Haber cuando nos dejas una nueva entrada.

  28. Buena suerte en tu nuevo proyecto de blog!
    Nos vemos pronto :)

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    Can you read our Myanmar fonts?
    Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog.

  30. ciao Elroy, mi fa piacere conoscere il tuo nome , ti ringrazio per la visita nel mio blog..e spero che continuerai a venire a trovarmi, auguri per il tuo nuovo blog e buon lavoro....!!!

  31. Доброго утра!
    Искренне рада знакомству.
    Благодарю за посещение моего блога
    Желаю Вам по-больше постоянных читателей и неиссякаемого вдохновения!

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